Yesterday was the American Cancer Society’s Bark for Life in Beaverton. The weather was less than perfect but typical for June in the Pacific Northwest. Kendall and I headed out to the park right before the walk was to take place. I was hoping the rain would stop, but it didn’t. The turn out wasn’t all that great. There were about 30 or so dogs there, many of whom were sporting the latest in doggie rain gear.

The walk consisted of two laps, or more if you desired, around the park amounting to about 1 mile. Then, there was a kissing contest and other games for you and your dog.

Lined up for the kissing contest

Kendall’s usually a big kisser, even though I’ve been trying to teach her not to kiss when we go out on our therapy dog visits. Of course, today was the day she decided that she wasn’t going to do any kissing.

Vendors at the Bark for Life

There were some vendors there, but as you can see, it wasn’t very crowded. This was taken while the group was on one of their laps around the park. I took an early lap looking for the registration table.

Fetch for Life

They also had an area called Fetch for Life. The dog could go into the area, find a treat or toy, and take it home. Kendall honed in on a huge dog treat big enough for a Great Dane. She wanted nothing to do with the pull toys, balls, or rawhides available.

We waited around in the rain for the next event, but we got tired of being wet and went home. I’m glad we got to participate and support the American Cancer Society. Keep your eyes out for an event coming near you.