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The scientist in me loves to see data presented in a logical and easily understood fashion. One of the best seminars I’ve ever attended was a one day class called Presenting Data and Information – A One Day Course Taught by Edward Tufte. He took information that could otherwise be construed as boring, and turned it into graphical representations that bordered on art.

One of my favorite blogs is Information is Beautiful. They don’t post all that often, but when they do it’s worth a visit. Today’s post is about sunscreen. They also have some interactive infographics.

I received an email recently from someone who also does infographics. His is a little different from other infographics I’ve seen – his is dog-related. Does it get any better than this? Dog stuff and data all in one place! He gave me permission to post the graphic here.

Dog Training Information
Created by Pet365 – an online stockist of dog collars, leads and accessories. Click here to view the full post.

Who ever thought data could be so much fun?

5 thoughts on “Infographics and Presenting Information

  1. That’s some pretty cool info/statistics. I taught yuki a lot of stuff at home, so when I took her to training she skipped the first course, beginners course and started intermediate training then to advanced training. She did very well. Only thing I regret is she has not been socialized very well. We were advised to not allow her around other dogs until after her last vaccination, so by the time she was taking her first classes she was pass that window where the puppy should be socialized. It’s something we are working on. Happy Wednesday!

  2. Snap! We found each other again. Love the look of your new blog too. Will have to spend a bit of time later catching up with what’s on here. Thanks for stopping by and saying hello to us too.

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