Visit to the Maryhill Winery

Last weekend we ventured to eastern/central Oregon in search of some sun and warm weather. Summer still hasn’t arrived in the Willamette Valley, and we thought we could escape the predicted rain by heading east. Usually, once you get east of the Cascades, the chance of rain drops dramatically. We camped while we were over there and pictures will be posted later this week of one of our favorite campgrounds.

On Saturday afternoon we could hear thunder in the distance and the sky was getting quite dark. We don’t get many thunderstorms west of the Cascades, so we were torn as to whether we should hang out and watch the storm or head over the Columbia River to the Maryhill Winery. The winery won out, so we battened down the hatches and headed a bit east.

As we drove along the Columbia on the Washington side, the skies opened up. It poured and poured. When we arrived at the winery, people were huddled under the little bit of covered area they had. There was a small band playing on the patio. We hung out inside for a bit, did some wine tasting, and some wine buying until the rain subsided. The views from the winery are amazing.

The view looking west toward Mt. Hood
Looking east over the amphitheater


A million-dollar view from the patio


There's live music on weekend afternoons


Potter, the resident wine dog


The grapes on the patio were much further along than those in the vineyard.

If you happen to make it out to the Biggs Junction/Goldendale exit on I-84, take a short detour up the hill on the Washington side to the Maryhill Winery. The museum next door is pretty interesting, too.


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  1. Hello Kendall, we think you get to go to some amazing places with your people. Our Mummy loves that resident wine dog. Was he a Pyrenees Mountain Dog or a Mareema Sheep Dog? If Mummy lived on property she would get one of those since they were her childhood favourite before she knew about Cavaliers. But now she is pretty smitten with us Cavaliers and glad she has us. Enjoy your walks this week. Marley & Jasper.

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