Canines Uncorked – a Fun Day!

The weather in Oregon couldn’t have been any better for yesterday’s Canines Uncorked event held at seven wineries in the northern Willamette Valley. Blue skies and temperatures in the low 80’s made for a perfect day in Oregon wine country. This fundraiser for the Oregon Humane Society is in its second year, and 100% of the proceeds from the $40 passport went to OHS.

Map of participating wineries

We started the day at Apolloni Vineyards. The dog activity at this winery was ice cream sundaes – doggie style. They served up dishes of vanilla human ice cream complete with toppings that included dried bananas, crushed up dog treats, and more. Kendall’s never had ice cream. We let her have about a quarter of what they gave her. The wines here were very good. We bought a bottle of rose that’s perfect for our summer concert outings.

Sansome, the resident wine dog
Dishing up ice cream sundaes
Who doesn't love ice cream?
Time for lunch
Tastings were included in your passport

The next stop on our tour was at Tualatin Estate Vineyard. The dog event at this winery was paw print cards. They dipped the dog’s paw into some paint and then pressed it onto a card.

Making a paw print card
The tasting room

The next stop on our tour was Plum Hill Vineyards. They have a new dog run so the humans can drink wine while the dogs play together.  They had a beautiful patio overlooking the vineyard, and they had live music. Students from Gaston Elementary school had dog treats, scarves, and other items for sale.

An interesting wine fountain
The patio at Plum Hill Vineyards
A happy participant

Our final stop on the tour was at Kramer Vineyards. The wine here was wonderful, as was the view. We met some of the people we’ve only known through Twitter and email. It was so nice to be able to put a face with a name.

Missy, one of the wine dogs

Missy tweets at @MissMissyKramer. We also met Wyatt, a gardening dog. His mom wrote a great post on Canines Uncorked over on their blog.

We skipped a few of the wineries because we’ve already been to them a number of times. Our goal was to get to some of the wineries we’ve never had the chance to visit. The Canines Uncorked event was a great excuse to get out and try the wineries and support OHS at the same time.


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