Weekend at the Oregon Coast

While Kendall was off at a sleepover with her favorite Cavalier and a Westie, we were off to the Oregon coast for a weekend of fun. The company where I work was celebrating their 30th anniversary by taking the employees to Salishan Spa & Golf Resort in Gleneden Beach, OR. We went over to the coast on Friday. Saturday was a gorgeous day, so we headed down the coast with no particular agenda. We found ourselves with time to explore all of the little places we’ve always wanted to stop but never had time to visit.

Otter Rock

One of our first stops was at Otter Rock. There we ran into three of my co-workers who were headed out surfing. It wasn’t until one of them pointed out that the rock looks like an otter on his back did I realize that it was Otter Rock. Now I can’t look at it without seeing it. Can you see it?

Surf Dogs playing at Devil's Punchbowl State Park
Looking north from Devil's Punchbowl State Park

We saw some birds out on a rock that were either cormorants or puffins. They were a bit too far away to tell. Then – we saw whales! There were a few of them feeding just off the coast. It’s always a treat when you get to see whales.

Then, we drove down to Newport where they were having a seafood festival.

Newport, OR


They grow those crabs big in Oregon


Sea lions basking in the sun

There was a sign explaining the cage. Apparently, it’s a sea lion disentanglement capture cage. The doors are left open and the sea lions are free to come and go as they please until a tangled sea lion enters the cage. Then, the doors can be lowered and the tangled sea lion anesthetized without the danger of it swimming off and drowning. Scientists can approach and disentangle the sea lion. You can read all about it on the Marine Mammal Institute’s site.

We don’t get many beautiful weekends at the Oregon coast, so we treasure them when we do get them.


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