How do you cope with the early sunsets?

As I sit here writing this post, I see that it is almost dark outside, and it’s only 4:15 pm. We live just north of the 45th parallel, so darkness comes quite early this time of year for us and for all of our friends who live north of here. One of the things I struggle with is getting Kendall out for a walk when it gets dark so early. We’re entering one of the rainiest months in the Pacific Northwest. Coupled with the early sunsets it makes for a pretty difficult scenario when trying to get a Cavalier out for a walk.

Kendall hates to get her feet wet and will stand right outside the back door under the eaves unless you remind her that you’ve sent her out there to potty. Reluctantly, she picks her way through the grass to the closest spot she can possibly find. Sometimes I’m amazed that she can hold it so long.

How do you cope with the early sunsets and rainy weather?

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  1. Add in that this is the time of year we all start getting sick, and you have a recipe for dogs that go nutso crazy indoors from the lack of walks.

    I do a lot of trick training in the winters, to get them mentally tired. Indoor physical activity for us is limited a lot by my tiny apartment, meaning about the only option is ball work, which tires the dogs out a bit as well.

  2. I just complain.LOL I find myself working on all the manners work I’ve neglected through the summer. We’re also going to do Cyber Rally-O so I’m working on heel work and the turns, finishes and fronts which don’t take tons of room to train. As for the weather. . . I’m back to complaining. No good suggestions there.LOL

    1. We are thinking about doing Cyber Rally-O as well, but I’m not quite sure about how to train some of the required exercises. I’ve never done formal obedience classes (CGC and puppy obedience, tricks, flyball, etc, yes, but no formal rally or obedience work). And, I’m not even sure of the criteria for some of the signs, since most of the explanations seem to assume you already know what “about turn” means (does the dog pivot or go around you?) and that type of thing.

  3. I don’t cope with them!! LOL! Actually, hot chocolate and snuggling is about the only way that I cope. As for our Baby, she doesn’t like doing walks outside in the cold, so we try to put her on the treadmill (she doesn’t like that much either).

  4. Hi Y’all,

    I’m gettin’ worried…my Human always wants me to follow the Cavaliers! Would you believe that I started this! I love little dogs, even though I weigh in about 100 lbs. Now I’m worried…she wants me to follow you too…I could be on my way to the doghouse! Then I’d have to watch her cuddle with a Cavalier in her lap!

    I just go out with my Human and a flash light. I’m not too fond of dark because I’m kept close so she can see me in the dark. 🙁 No racing about.

    As for your Rally question…there are signs that indicate what you are to do at each station. You have to be able to pivot around and inside of your human. It depends on the sign. You have to be able to slow down or speed up upon request. You also need to be able to do 1/4 and 1/2 turns. We also do a step sit, 2 step sit, 3 step sit. You need to practice going around objects in figure 8s and serpentines. Here is a link my Human suggested. It will lead to other links.

    We’ll be watching!

    Y’all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

  5. We’ve just gone back to Standard time here, so it’s dark when mom gets home… So it’s quick walks for me in the evening! And when it rains, furget about it, I’ve done my business quick as can be!

  6. I live where the sun doesn’t shine all that much and it tends to rain a lot… lots of indoor fetching….balls, bones, squeaky toys…back and forth…back and forth…no one else is ever at the dog park in the rain, so I get the agility part all to myself…that’s fun! Looking forward to the days getting longer again…and let the sun shine in!

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