New Year’s Day 2012 at the Oregon Coast

We headed down to Pacific City, OR to celebrate New Year’s. Yesterday was as beautiful as it gets at the coast in January – a bit chilly, a bit windy, and a lot sunny.

Kendall in tracking mode. She's sure there's a horse around here somewhere.
The wind was blowing through her hair.
Having fun at the beach.

This was a big day for Kendall. She was allowed off leash on the beach for the very first time. She tends to get very sidetracked when she sees a bird or a squirrel and doesn’t always come when called. There weren’t many people on the beach, so we let her run a little bit. She kept tabs on us, and we didn’t let her get too far.

A beautiful day at the Oregon coast.
Digging in the sand.
Look what she found!
A sandy face and an even sandier mouth. Yuck.

As soon as we saw the horses the leash went back on. She barks at llamas, and I’m not sure how she’d behave around horses.

The leash needed to be put back on when the horses entered the picture.
Until next time...

What a great way to start the new year.

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