A Visit to Willakenzie Estate

After stopping by Bald Peak and taking some awesome photos, we headed on down the hill toward Carlton, OR. On our way to Carlton, we stopped at Willakenzie Estate to taste their wine. We’d never been there before. The grounds were beautiful, as was the tasting room. There are sweeping views from the floor-to-ceiling windows looking out over the vineyards.

The tasting room at Willakenzie Estate

There are places to sit out on a multi-tiered patio and enjoy a bottle of wine and a picnic. There’s also a fire pit. It was a bit too cold to sit outside yesterday, but it looks like somewhere that would be very enjoyable on a nice day.

The view from the deck.


Another view from the deck

I asked if their deck was dog friendly and was told that you could bring your dog as long as your dog was on a leash at all times and your dog was friendly towards people and other dogs. In other words, if you have a well-socialized dog and are a responsible pet parent, then you can bring your dog. I’d like to think that anyone taking their dog along with them for the day would have a well-socialized dog and would keep them on a leash, but you know how it goes. Remember, dogs aren’t usually allowed in the tasting rooms at the wineries – just on the grounds. Always make sure you ask, just to be sure.

We liked their wines. As we made our way through the flight, it just kept getting better and better. It always amazes me how wine made from grapes that are grown in a different block can taste so different from one grown in a different location but in the same vineyard. We first learned of this when we tasted Sokol Blosser’s Goosepen Pinot Noir at a cellar club event.

We chose a Willakenzie Estate 2008 Pinot Noir Kiana  and added it to our collection – to be opened some time in the future. Here are the tasting notes from the winery’s web site. “The aromatics are mostly of red fruits persisting with tart cherries, and floral tones such as rose petal. There’s a beautiful balance to this wine with bright acidity, upfront sweetness, and soft, round tannins that add viscosity and creaminess to the rich mouth feel. The wine will benefit from 2-3 years in the cellar and age well for 8 to 10 years from its release date.  We recommend that you open the wine an hour before serving. Pair with guinea hen, quail, or salmon — this wine is very versatile with food.”

We’re having built-ins put in on either side of our fireplace, and I’ve asked for wine storage on one side. It’ll be away from the fireplace opening. I’m starting to collect some things to store there. I’ll be sure to post pictures when it gets installed in the next few weeks.

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  1. Sounds like a great place to visit. I wish I enjoyed wine more, so I could go do tastings. After all, I live in one of the best places for it! While I like wine okay, I figured out over the summer at a tasting at our county fair that what I really like is hard ciders- those I could taste all day!

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