Flat Kendall visits Balboa Park

On our third day of our trip to San Diego, we opted to visit Balboa Park. It was a gorgeous day, and we didn’t want to waste one moment inside if we could help it. So, we spent the day wandering around the park looking at the gardens and the fountains.
Outside one of the beautiful buildings was a sign for Flat Stanley, the musical! Flat Stanley is the one that started all of the flat travel.

We wandered into the botanical garden pavilion. It was filled with lush green plants and beautiful flowers.



The orchids in the botanical garden were just amazing. I never knew they could grow so big or have so many blossoms.

From there, we wandered over to the organ pavilion where they hold weekly organ concerts on Sunday afternoons at 2 pm. Can you see Kendall on the stage?


We ended the day on the 22nd floor of the Marriott at the Altitude Bar. There was a beautiful view from up there. You could watch the sun set and see for miles in all directions. You can also see right down into Petco Park.


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  1. My folks have been there…but there is no flat Scrappy, so I did not get to go with:( Beautiful photos. Looks like a wonderful time!

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