The Maiden Voyage of the Atomic Lounge

As I mentioned a week or so ago, we are now the proud owners of a 1961 Aljo vintage trailer. This past weekend we joined a number of other vintage trailer owners for a rare nice weekend in April for a gathering in Oregon. This was our first trip out in the Aljo. I spent all of Thursday frantically sewing curtains for the trailer so that we’d be ready to take her out.

Our "new" 1961 Aljo trailer
We're transforming her into the Atomic Lounge
This bed is more comfortable than our one at home.
All of the comforts of home.
A rare Airstream
Isn't it beautiful? You should see the inside!
Look at the combo vintage car and trailer!
An Aloha trailer built right here in Oregon
Another Aloha trailer
This is one gorgeous Roadmaster
It had a full size range and refrigerator inside
Kendall loves that she can see out the windows when on the bed now
Kendall's new trailer
Who wants to go camping with me?


10 thoughts on “The Maiden Voyage of the Atomic Lounge

  1. Nice! That should be really fun to camp with over the summer. I keep looking longingly at various trailers for my car to tow.

  2. That is just the coolest thing. We love anything retro here and mom has always fantasized about a retro trailer its very unlikely to ever happen, where in the city would we park it between trips? Its fun to live vicariously through yours

    urban hounds

    1. You should stop by Milo McIver State Park the weekend of May 18-20. The entire campground will be filled with vintage trailers. Most of them will be open for people to “tour” during the afternoon on Saturday.

  3. AWESOME! What a fun time! Those all look fabulous. I can’t wait to go camping with the Atomic Lounge!

  4. Found out about your blog in Spot Magazine – wonderful blog, I love Cavs tho my first love would be JRT’s. I remember one year the Airstream national rally was in Salem at the fairgrounds racetrack infield now sadly long gone; literally hundreds of Airstreamers and every one of the people who came with those ‘streamers very, very nice folks most of whom had their dogs of assorted sizes – and every one we talked to said they’d bought their trailers because they wanted their dogs with them while traveling as hotels were largely not pet-friendly in those days (mid-60’s). My SO and I have been thinking of buying/restoring a vintage, maybe a “teardrop” so reading here about the vintage trailers was especially nice!

    1. Welcome to the blog. Glad you stopped by. There’s a big vintage trailer rally at McIver State Park the weekend of May 18-19. There will be open houses, so stop by and have a look-see. We used to have a teardrop trailer, but it got a little small for the two of us and the dog. There’s a wonderful teadrop trailer community in Oregon and Washington. Their web site is Check out the newsletter for upcoming events.

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