Wyatt’s at Our House and He’s Gardening!!

Wyatt is a 3-yr old Airedale whose owners run a landscape design business. They’re busy at our house right now transforming our back yard into a dog-friendly yard that won’t be a mud pit anymore. Check out what Wyatt has to say over on their blog at Gardening with Wyatt.

Wyatt picked out some great plants for our back yard


5 Responses to Wyatt’s at Our House and He’s Gardening!!

  1. Wyatt and his hoomans did an awesome job! You must be so pleased, Kendall!

    Love ya lots,

  2. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the Spot magazine May edition, and looking for you guys in it!

  3. Kendell,
    Wyatt did a beautiful job with your back yard. I’m sure you had a good time playing with him too!

    Violet and company

  4. What kind of dog is Wyatt? He is great looking! Excited to see the finished product! I am sure its lovely.