Kendall’s a Superstar!

Yesterday, Kendall and I had to test to be able to renew our Delta Society/Pet Partner Therapy Animal Team registration. The test consists of a skills test and a temperament test. We have to test every two years. I know that Kendall knows her skills, and she has a great temperament, but she does tend to jump up on people when they come toward her acting excited. I was worried that she’d jump up during the test, but she didn’t!! In fact, Kendall and I passed the test with flying colors and earned a Complex rating, the highest rating possible. This allows us to visit in complex environments such as hospitals, waiting rooms, and mental health facilities. Last time we tested we only earned a Predictable rating.

Ready for two more years of service

We’re looking forward to continuing our visiting at the assisted living center and finding new challenging opportunities with our new rating. Yay for Kendall!

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