Our Dog-Friendly Back Yard is Filling In

Back in April, we had our back yard redone by the great folks at Rain Country Gardens. Now that things have had about three months to grow, I thought it would be fun to show how it’s all filling in.


The path to the other end of the yard


Things are filling in nicely


I love how inviting it all looks.


Looking back toward the rock wall


Little plants just waiting to grow


Nice and lush

The only thing that didn’t do well were the plants with the little purple flowers that were supposed to spread up by the deck and by the patio. I think only about 5% of the plants made it. If I were a gardener I might know what kind of plant they were, but…

Keeping the weeds under control has been fairly easy. I just weed in chunks and do it after it’s been watered. The weeds come out easily.

We love spending time in our back yard this summer. We added some little lights along the gutters on the house and some solar lights along the path, so it’s like a little oasis back there in the evening.

2 thoughts on “Our Dog-Friendly Back Yard is Filling In

  1. Thanks for sharing the pictures, Kendall!
    Sorry your Ajuga didn’t make it. We will bring you some new ones…we have several flats on hand, I bet those mean old slugs ate them up. I’ll give you a bark next week 😀


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