Flat Kendall Visits a Medieval Village

Flat Kendall visited a medieval village in June and just now finished writing about her trip. Every June, members of a reenactment group build a temporary village beside Smithville Lake in Missouri.

Flat Kendall slept in a medieval tent on a campbed. It was more comfortable than it looks!

She examined the Great Machine. It’s a replica of a contraption that was powered by dogs, which was used to turn a spit or a lathe or other machinery. It was too hot for the modern dogs to be running the machine; they napped in the shade.

Flat Kendall met a baby kestrel. See the pinfeathers on the kestrel’s head? This baby kestrel is being raised by a wildlife rehabilitator after her parents were killed, and she will most likely become a representative for raptors since she is going to be too tame to be released. The larger raptors at the mews were not willing to meet Kendall, but that was ok, because they are much bigger and fiercer than the baby kestrel.

There were some battles fought, but we didn’t get pictures of the fighting. After the fighting, Flat Kendall inspected some of the armor. It looked very hot and uncomfortable.

It was hot. So Flat Kendall went to the general store and sat in the air conditioning to cool off.

After she returned to the village, Flat Kendall got to inspect the Viking longboat.

Once the inspection was over, the crew prepared the sail and the boat was ready for a ride.

The Vikings rowed the boat out onto the lake, then put up the sail to catch the wind and ride back. Flat Kendall decided to stay on shore and take photos!

Flat Kendall enjoyed her stay at the medieval village, but was glad to come back to civilization!

Note:¬†A big THANK YOU to Sherry, one of our readers, who took Flat Kendall on this adventure with her and sent in the story and pictures. If you’d like to take Flat Kendall on an adventure with you, send me an email. I’ll send out a Flat Kendall for your trip.


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