Wine Bloggers’ Conference 2012

We interrupt this dog blog to bring you two days of wine tasting and notes. The Wine Bloggers’ Conference is in Portland this weekend, so I signed up to learn more about wineries and their wines. Last night opened with a Welcome Reception sponsored by the Oregon Wine Board. About 50 or so wineries from Oregon were represented. It was great to be able to walk around, talk to the representatives,  and sample their wines. It would take me years to get around to all of those wineries. I have a nice long list of dog-friendly wineries within driving distance of Portland to share with you over the coming months. Looks like Kendall and I are going to have to get busy visiting these wineries and telling you all about it.

4 thoughts on “Wine Bloggers’ Conference 2012

  1. Love that the Portland area is wine-dog friendly! Just one more reason it is my favorite city! If anyone happens to be traveling a bit further south…here’s some info on some more dog-friendly tasting opportunities.

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