Underwater Dogs book signing with Seth Casteel

We just returned from an evening at Powell’s Books in Portland where we attended a book signing of a new book, Underwater Dogs, by Seth Casteel. Seth takes amazing photos of dogs under water, hence the name of the book. We first saw his photos last summer at Two Salty Dogs, a pet store in Boothbay Harbor, ME.

He took an awesome photo of a Cavalier under water. If you know Kendall, you know she doesn’t like to get wet. I couldn’t imaging a diving Cavalier, but there are photos to prove it.

Underwater Cavalier

I loved hearing his stories about the dogs and the photos. He also took the time to sign books after his presentation.

Seth Casteel signing his book

On another note, Kendall’s hurt her foot. She’s been limping since we took her to the coast over the weekend, so we’re off to the vet. Let’s hope it’s not anything big. UPDATE: Kendall sprained one of her toes. She’s doing fine with a little Metacam and rest. She’ll be back to new in no time.

2 thoughts on “Underwater Dogs book signing with Seth Casteel

  1. Poor Kendall. Hope her paw feels better soon.

    I was hoping to get to the book signing, but I had other obligations for the day. I’m glad you went and had fun.

  2. Sorry to hear about Kendall’s toe – OUCH! I love Seth’s work – so inspiring and such a talented, creative photographer. How lucky are you to get to go to a book signing!

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