Flat Kendall goes to Maui

Flat Kendall packed her bags and jetted over to Maui, HI for some beach time with a friend of mine.

Soaking up the rays in Maui, HI

Soaking up the rays in Maui, HI

Looks like she had a good time without me. Hmmm… Where is Flat Kendall off to next?

Would you like to take Flat Kendall on a vacation or an adventure with you? Leave me a comment, and I’ll email you. Flat Kendall travels light and usually behaves herself.

3 Responses to Flat Kendall goes to Maui

  1. Christine DiPretore

    I will be going to Ocean City Maryland with my two, EmmaLee & Billy. She is more than welcome to come along. It is usually a very uneventful trip, so it’s up to you. 🙂

  2. Flat Kendall lives a more exciting life than I do – I’d like to travel with her – does she take a bag I could slip into?