A Blogging Award

by Gretchen Demoss
One of our new readers over at http://www.savedbydogs.com passed the Versatile Blogger Award on to us this week. It’s always fun to hear who is reading our blog, and it’s even more fun to receive a blogging award.

Versatile Blogger Award

As part of this blogging award, we’re supposed to tell seven things you might not know about us and then pass the award on to other bloggers. Here are some things you may not know about Kendall and me.

1. Kendall’s favorite food in the whole wide world is sweet potatoes! She’ll eat anything and everything sweet potato.

2. Kendall doesn’t like bananas. She eats lots of other fruit like strawberries, cherries without their pits, kiwi, etc., but she doesn’t like bananas at all.

3. I once bungee jumped from a logging bridge in Washington state – all in the name of science. I jumped twice, once forward and once backward,  but would never do it again.

4.  I don’t like to garden. We’re lucky to have transformed our yard into a perennial oasis. I don’t have to do anything but watch stuff grow and flower.

5.  I have my motorcycle endorsement. I don’t plan to ever ride a motorcycle, but getting the endorsement was on my bucket list.

6.  I love the beach. I find it relaxing and calming. There’s nothing like walking on the beach and finding sand dollars. Kendall loves it, too.

7.  We don’t go out for Valentine’s Day. We plan a picnic in front of the fire. One of us is in charge of picking up dinner and the other is in charge of dessert. It saves a lot of money and is just as romantic, if not more.

Here are the blogs we’re passing the Versatile Blogging Award on to:

Gardening with Wyatt – Wyatt’s a fun-loving Airedale whose people are the ones responsible for our awesome yard. He’s always up to something.

Life with Desmond – Desmond has had some rough times dealing with the stress of Superstorm Sandy. It looks like they’ve already received this award, but I’m sending it their way again.

You Did What with your Weiner – Follow Gretel and Chester, two Dachshunds as they hike around Seattle and explore the Pacific Northwest.

Urban Hounds – You’ll find product reviews, book reviews, recipes, and more over at Urban Hounds.

Little Vintage Trailer – This isn’t a dog blog, but it is one I enjoy reading. I love the design of the blog, and there’s plenty to read about vintage trailers there.



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  1. Fun to learn some more!
    I don’t think I could manage to jump off a bridge, however, I do feel a strong inclination to try driving a motorcycle 🙂

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