Goodbye, Bailey

Most of the time Facebook brings you good news: birth announcements, engagements, good food, good times. Sometimes, however, Facebook is the bearer of sad news. It seems like too often lately, I’ve learned of sad news during my morning visits ┬áto Facebook. Today I learned that Kendall’s older brother, Bailey, died yesterday from complications during surgery.

Bailey and Kendall

Bailey and Kendall

Bailey was an awesome dog. He will surely be missed. He and Kendall were like two peas in a pod. Our hearts go out to his owners who are friends of ours.

So, give your pup an extra hug today and cherish every day you have with them.

One Response to Goodbye, Bailey

  1. So sorry! It’s always hard to lose any of our 4legged friends, but especially one of the “family”. Hugs!