Product Review – True Chews

by Gretchen DeMoss

I was recently asked to do a product review of True Chews 100% Natural Dog Treats. They’re jerky cuts made with real chicken. I liked that they are made in the U.S., and they have an ingredient list that’s short and includes things with which I am familiar.

As always, Kendall gets pretty excited when the Chewy truck (aka UPS) brings things to our door. She’s convinced that every time the truck goes by it has something in it for her. Her dog food also comes via the Chewy truck, so this gets reinforced every month. (We subscribe to her prescription Royal Canin dog food through It saves me a trip down to the vet each month.)

The jerky has the look, feel, and smell of real jerky. It tears apart like real jerky. I gave her a piece that she took, chewed a few times, and then almost swallowed the thing whole. I learned then that I need to tear it off in bits to give to Kendall. She’s one of those dogs that will eat things quickly and try to swallow it whole, so I have to really watch her when she gets near the end of a chewy.

Kendall really seems to like the True Chews. She gives them two paws up.

True Chews from
True Chews from is holding a Faces of Summer Giveaway.

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Disclaimer: The bag of jerky was provided to me for free by, but the opinions and review are my own.

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