Great Dog Walking Parks in the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District

I was recently walking in the Tualatin Hills Nature Park, which doesn’t allow dogs, and I was wondering where I could take Kendall for a walk. I picked up a brochure that outlined the parks that allow dogs, and I thought I’d share them with with you.

1. Rock Creek Trail at Bethany Lake

Park at 185th at Bethany Lake Park just south of West Union Avenue. Head east on the paved trail that skirts Bethany Lake and head to Rock Creek Soccer fields.

2. Willow Creek Nature park (15 acres)

Park at the Waterhouse Soccer field on NW Silverado & Mission Oaks Drive. Two trailheads are located across the soccer filed. Very nice boardwalk through wetlands and Moshovsky Woods.

3. Jenkins Estates (68 acres)

8005 Grabhorn Rd south of 209th and Farmington Rd. Park at Camp Rivendale. You can walk the gardens at this revitalized country estate with your dog or hike the many wooded trails. Parking at Camp Rivendale is available from dawn until dusk.

4. Lowami Hart Woods Park (29 Acres)

Entrances along Hart Rd. between 152nd and Forest Rd. Official trails can be confused with social or deer trails, so be sure to note where you came from so you don’t get lost. this is a nice forested hike along Johnson Creek with several loops to choose from.

5. Hyland Forest Park (29 Acres)

Northeast of SW Murray and SW Sexton Mountain Dr. Access off SW Hargis Rd/SW 139th and Sexton Mountain Dr. Lots of loop trails thoughout the forest.

6. Fanno Creek Trail/Denney RD.

The Fanno Creek Park/Denney Road trailhead is located in the northernmost portion of Fanno Creek Park, just west of Hwy 217, on the south side of Denny Rd. Wildlife abounds along the trail.  The trail follows along Fanno Creek and continues south of Hall Blvd. through Greenway Park, then to Tigard. (This is Kendall’s favorite park.)

7. Hazeldale off-leash dog park

Access of 196th and Farmington. Two acres off-leash area with separate areas for small and large dogs.

8. Garden Home to Fanno Creek

Start at the Garden Home Rec Center. Follow it all the way to Scholls Ferry Rd. Cross Allen Blvd. and wind along the creek to meet up with the Fanno Creek/Denney Rd. trailhead.

Note: Most of this information came from the THPRD flyer. Remember to pick up after your dog. All dogs are required to be on a leash.

We hope to see you out on the trail.