Shop Dogs and a Fancy New Coat

I went to lunch and then shopping with a friend in downtown Portland today. We stopped in to Michael Allen’s to greet the the two Cavaliers who “work” there and to buy Kendall a fancy new coat for Christmas.


Charlie is 11 1/2 years old and goes to work every day with his owner. They were both doing what Cavaliers do best, sleeping on the couch. We woke Charlie up to try on the coat for size.


Max was doing his part to make the customers feel welcome.

I picked up a new Barbour coat for Kendall for Christmas. Here she is modeling it.

Her new winter coat
A perfect fit

Now that I know it fits, I can wrap it up and put it under the tree. Do you think she’ll act surprised when we open it on Christmas?

Cavalier Camping by the Cowlitz

This past weekend we headed up to the Gifford Pinchot National Forest near Packwood, WA. It’s just south of Mt. Rainier and north east of Mount St. Helens. It was a gorgeous weekend for camping. My two sisters and my sister’s husband went with us. Here are some of the pictures from the weekend.

Camping can be pretty exhausting and dirty (if you sleep on the ground)


The Cowlitz River as seen from our camp site


Can we go home yet? I don't like to get dirty.


The Cowlitz River a bit upstream from our camp site


Home sweet home for a few days

The weather was beautiful, but we weren’t there for the fun and games. We took care of some stuff and did some shopping at the Packwood Swap Meet. Looking back at my pictures I noticed that I didn’t take a single picture of the people I was with. I hope my sister will share some of their pictures.

It’s Read to the Dogs Day

Kendall and I are headed off to the Beaverton Library today for their twice-monthly Read to the Dogs Saturday.

The program at the local libraries in the Portland area are similar to the program started by the Intermountain Therapy Animals group (from where I borrowed this logo).

We have four readers scheduled to read to Kendall today. The kids get to choose their books or they can choose from a box of dog-related books that we set out. If you have kids of reading age and live in the Portland area, check with your local library to get your kids involved. It’s fun for the kids and for the dogs.

This is the second time we’ve done this. The first time was a lot of fun.

Pooches on the Green pictures

The rain held off long enough for us to stop by Pooches on the Green in Beaverton yesterday. We didn’t stay long, but I did get a bunch of pictures to share with you. When we got there the pipe band was already playing. It was really loud, so I can only imagine how loud it was for the dogs.

One of the first dogs we ran into when we got there was Miss Muffett, the one in the pink argyle sweater. She was with her owner, Molly. Kendall and Miss Muffett have known each other for awhile, and it always seems like we’re running into them around town at dog events. Miss Muffett is also a Delta Society dog and is involved in the Beaverton Read to the Dogs program that we’re volunteering with next week. We also met Beauregard (forgive me, Molly, if I got his name wrong). He’s a cutie.

There were tables set up by local dog businesses and organizations. There were lots of treats to be had. We even came home with a $5 off $25 coupon from Petco. I sure can use that. I’ve always wondered why PetSmart doesn’t carry Natural Balance dog food.

Kendall was charming the kids, as always

Meeting new friends

There was a costume contest scheduled for later in the afternoon, and this little dog was all dressed up. She even had bright red braids!

We met this interesting dog. The lady with the dog told us what kind it is, but we both forget. So much for delivering useful information. It was a cute dog, though. Anyone know what it is?

Fall in Central Oregon

 Fall is in full swing in Central Oregon. The aspen leaves have all changed and have almost all fallen off the trees. I love the sound they make when the wind rustles through them.

I’ve put a lot of miles on the bike since arriving in Central Oregon. I’ve also made good use of Kendall’s Burley trailer. Kendall loves to go for bike rides. All I have to say is, “Let’s go for a bike ride,” and she’s at the garage door ready to go.

Kendall’s chariot

Could it get any prettier?

Looking out over the meadow

The clouds were amazing that day

I took these pictures the day I lost my camera. Luckily, the pictures of Kendall and the bike with the trailer clued the couple in as to whose camera they had found.

Labor Day Weekend in Packwood, WA

Before heading to Central Oregon, we spent Labor Day weekend camped near Packwood, WA. We’ve tried a few different campgrounds in the area but decided to stay at La Wis Wis campground just east of Packwood. It’s a Gifford Pinchot National Forest campground with the usual vault toilets and no hook-ups. We’re used to dry camping from our years with our teardrop trailer. We finally got a few couple of days of camping in with no rain!

The site was huge!

Since we’ve never been there before, I had to blindly choose our site from the crude map on the reservation page. Our site turned out to be huge! You could’ve put three or four tents on the site and still had room for a fire and the Easy-up. Unfortunately the driveway was really small so we had to turn the trailer at an angle to get it and the truck to fit in the driveway. This campground is huge but definitely isn’t designed for trailers. There is one loop that has longer driveways but most of the driveways aren’t nearly long enough for a trailer and a rig.

We were also right along the river. I’d tell you what site it is, but then we’d never be able to reserve it again : )

There was a lot of moss hanging from the trees. I felt like I was in the south except for the chilly temperatures.

Each Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend, the entire town of Packwood, WA turns into a gigantic swap meet. We don’t usually go looking for anything in particular, but it’s always fun to browse through what people are selling.

Kendall’s swap meet finds

It’s been very rare for us to actually capture a glimpse of Mount Rainier during our visits. On Saturday, the mountain was visible between the surrounding hills. When I snapped this picture I had no idea that there was someone with some weird glasses in the picture. What’s up with those glasses?

It started to rain on Sunday morning. We’ve had enough camping in the rain this past summer to last us awhile, so we packed up and headed home.

Summer’s Winding Down

As I downloaded pictures from our cameras yesterday, I noticed a number of pictures that I never got around to posting. Here’s a random sampling of our summer.

All decked out for the Fourth of July parade in Carnation, WA

Camping in Carnation, WA

Summer concert at Oak Knoll winery
Multnomah Days parade – we walked with the Delta Society

Camping at John Neal Memorial park

A little covered bridge in Scio, OR

We also attended the Air and Art Festival in Albany over the weekend, but it doesn’t look like we took any pictures there. It was advertised as a balloon festival, but we never saw a single balloon. It seemed like it was a festival with an identity crisis. We saw art, old cars, airplanes, and music.  The drive there took us through Scio, OR where we took the picture above. We did find one of the many covered bridges in the area.

Hope your summer’s been as full and fun as ours. The final summer concert is tomorrow night in Beaverton. I don’t know about you, but this summer went by way too quickly.

Camping at John Neal Memorial Park

We took the trailer out this weekend for a quick trip down to John Neal Memorial Park in Lyons, OR. We like that park because it’s right on the banks of the Santiam River. There are some rapids right in front of the site we always choose, which drowns out any noise that you might get from other campers. We went there last August, too.

Our favorite site on the banks of the Santiam River
Kendall’s view of the river

Kendall in her own camping chair

Kendall has her own camping chair. She’s not big on camping and doesn’t like to lay in the dirt. She just went to the groomer on Thursday, but you’d never know it after this weekend. She’s going to need a good brushing and a bath.

If you can’t be in your chair, you may as well be on a sleeping pad
The camp fire

Kendall’s not big on camp fires, either. She tends to be ready for bed around 9 pm whether we are or not. We put her to bed in the trailer and stayed up for awhile. It was a cool weekend with temps in the mid 60’s and 70’s. That’s pretty cool for Oregon in August.

This morning, while eating breakfast, I noticed something moving along in the grass. Check out this slug! I put the deck of cards in the picture so we’d have some reference as to its size.

We made it through the weekend with no rain!

A Cavalier Birthday Party

Saturday was Kendall’s second birthday. We were camping in Carnation, WA with a group of friends who share an interest in teardrop trailers, vintage trailers, and old cars. There were a number of dogs there, so I had an impromptu birthday party for Kendall and invited any and all dogs who wanted to come. We had a number of dogs show up. Here are the pictures:

Here’s the birthday girl with a real cupcake. I needed something to hold the candle up. Unfortunately, I forgot to tell Clyde that it was a real cupcake and he let her get to a little of it. I was hoping to save it for us : )

I did have a dog Happy Birthday cookie for her that was similar to the one we found last year.

Here are some of the partygoers.

This is Scruffy.

And Rhino Ryno. He’s not named after a rhinoceros although he is 85 lb and full of energy. Thanks for the bone, Ryno.

There were organic dog biscuits for all.

This is Edgar. He’s two and a half.

Coda and Zeus from Idaho were there too.

Here’s Marty, our hostess, modeling Kendall’s birthday hat. Her dog, Mandy, wasn’t able to make it to the party.

And here’s the birthday girl at the end of a very long day.

Thanks to everyone who came to the party. Kendall had a great time.

Happy Birthday, Kendall!

Today our little girl turns 2! It’s hard to believe she’s two already. It’s been a fun-filled year of Kendall adventures. It’s also been a lot of fun watching her grow into the little lady that she is. Her coat’s filled in and her ears get longer and longer. I pulled together some of my favorite pictures of her over the past two years to share with you.

We have a birthday party planned for this afternoon. I’ll be sure to post lots of pictures after the holiday.

Happy Birthday, Kendalldog!