Flat Kendall visits Bonneville Hot Springs Spa and Resort

I was feeling like a day at the spa a couple of weeks ago and decided to drive out to Bonneville, WA to use the gift certificate I got from my husband for my birthday. I took along a friend and Flat Kendall. While Flat Kendall didn’t get to soak in the hot springs, she did get to check out the resort.

A beautiful Christmas tree
A beautiful Christmas tree
The grand fire place
The grand fire place
Flat Kendall visits Bonneville Hot Springs
Flat Kendall visits Bonneville Hot Springs

I took the photos with my cell phone, so I apologize that they’re not up to the usual quality.


Flat Kendall visits Corpus Christi, TX

I’m a  bit behind in getting this post up, but Flat Kendall and I traveled to Corpus Christi, TX earlier this month. I’d never been there before, and I was fortunate to stay in a hotel with a beautiful view of the water. Unfortunately, I left the hotel shortly after sunrise and returned after dark every day, so I didn’t get to enjoy the view much.

The view from my hotel room.

The convention center is located right along the water. That’s the USS Lexington in the background. It’s a museum that opened in 1992. The ship once appeared on the show Ghosthunters and is said to be haunted.

That’s the USS Lexington in the background.

We went to a special event at the Texas Aquarium, and I got to feed a porcupine! She even reached out and held my hand with her little paws. So cute!

Flat Kendall visits Princeton University

It’s that time of year again – the time when I’m traveling quite a bit for work. One of my first trips this fall was back east to Princeton, NJ. While I was there, I took Flat Kendall out for a walkabout around the campus.

The gates to Princeton University

I felt a bit conspicuous holding up Flat Kendall to get pictures with so many people around, so I mostly took pictures of the campus. Flat Kendall enjoyed the view from my bag.

One of the cool buildings on the main street through Princeton
Beautiful stone building
I love old buildings with character
Time to catch the train

One cool thing that we did get to see was Einstein’s house. I didn’t stop to take a picture, but we did drive by the home on Mercer St. It’s not a museum, as one would think it would be, but rather a residence.

Flat Kendall visits Coastal Maine

Flat Kendall and I went to coastal Maine this past week. I had a workshop to do in Bar Harbor midweek, and we decided to make it into a little sightseeing vacation. One of our many stops was to Acadia National Park near Bar Harbor, ME.

Visiting Acadia National Park

We drove to the top of Cadillac Mountain for some breathtaking views.


Looking out from Cadillac Mountain in Bar Harbor

Later that day, it was time to visit the lobster pound for some fresh lobster for dinner. You pick out your lobster, and they cook it right there for you.

Picking out her lobster for dinner
Yum! Eating lobster for dinner

We did some shopping in downtown Bar Harbor where I saw this colorful display of pinwheels for sale outside a hardware store.

A colorful display of pinwheels for sale

On one of the docks was a full-size replica of a whale. We don’t see any fin back or minke whales on the west coast like they in Maine. We mostly see grey whales off the coast of Oregon during their migration and some Orca whales off of the Washington coast.


The weather was beautiful and a sunset cruise on a four-masted windjammer seemed to be in order for the evening. The conditions were just right for a sun dog to appear. Do you know what a sun dog is?

Sunset cruise on a windjammer in Bar Harbor
It was a beautiful sunset cruise

It wouldn’t be Maine without a foggy day.

Foggy day in Boothbay Harbor
Foggy day at the harbor
The difference a day can make
Always up for some fun

We took a boat tour of the harbor, some of the surrounding islands and light houses, and the coastline.

Lighthouse seen on our boat cruise out of Boothbay Harbor
Pemmaquid Light House
One of many boat houses we saw on the boat tour
Flat Kendall and the captain of the boat

We had a great time in Maine. Don’t worry, Kendall was home having fun with her brother, Bailey.

Flat Kendall Visits a Medieval Village

Flat Kendall visited a medieval village in June and just now finished writing about her trip. Every June, members of a reenactment group build a temporary village beside Smithville Lake in Missouri.

Flat Kendall slept in a medieval tent on a campbed. It was more comfortable than it looks!

She examined the Great Machine. It’s a replica of a contraption that was powered by dogs, which was used to turn a spit or a lathe or other machinery. It was too hot for the modern dogs to be running the machine; they napped in the shade.

Flat Kendall met a baby kestrel. See the pinfeathers on the kestrel’s head? This baby kestrel is being raised by a wildlife rehabilitator after her parents were killed, and she will most likely become a representative for raptors since she is going to be too tame to be released. The larger raptors at the mews were not willing to meet Kendall, but that was ok, because they are much bigger and fiercer than the baby kestrel.

There were some battles fought, but we didn’t get pictures of the fighting. After the fighting, Flat Kendall inspected some of the armor. It looked very hot and uncomfortable.

It was hot. So Flat Kendall went to the general store and sat in the air conditioning to cool off.

After she returned to the village, Flat Kendall got to inspect the Viking longboat.

Once the inspection was over, the crew prepared the sail and the boat was ready for a ride.

The Vikings rowed the boat out onto the lake, then put up the sail to catch the wind and ride back. Flat Kendall decided to stay on shore and take photos!

Flat Kendall enjoyed her stay at the medieval village, but was glad to come back to civilization!

Note: A big THANK YOU to Sherry, one of our readers, who took Flat Kendall on this adventure with her and sent in the story and pictures. If you’d like to take Flat Kendall on an adventure with you, send me an email. I’ll send out a Flat Kendall for your trip.


Flat Kendall visits the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort

Things have been a bit quiet around here because I had to take a trip to Orlando,FL for business. I stayed at the Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort, and Flat Kendall came along for the ride.

Hanging out by the fountain at the Dolphin Resort

There’s nothing like Central Florida in the middle of July. It was hot and humid. No surprise, but for someone who doesn’t like the heat, it’s not my first choice for travel. I was attending a conference that was held in the lower level of the Dolphin Hotel. I couldn’t see outside, so it didn’t really matter where we were. I did get out for a few pictures one afternoon.

The shuttle to Epcot
Time out for a little swimming
The Swan Hotel at the Swan and Dolphin Resort
Always ready to help
Let’s rent swan boats!

I was there for five days and didn’t see a single Disney character. I had a great view of the fireworks over Epcot from the balcony of my room.

Fireworks over Epcot


Flat Kendall visits Austin, TX

Last time you saw us, Kendall and I were hanging out at BlogPaws 2012 in Salt Lake City. I had to leave on Sunday to fly to Austin for work while Kendall and my dh drove back home. Flat Kendall and I are hanging out in Austin, TX. I’d like to say that we’ve been out on the town listening to music and seeing the sights, but it’s 109 degrees here!!! Austin set a record yesterday for the hottest June day in history. It’s too darn hot to get out and see anything. We did venture out last night.

I’m staying at the ATT Conference Center at UT Austin. What a gorgeous conference venue. It’s wired and connected. It’s also nice and cool inside, and the food’s great, too. Too bad it’s too hot to see more of the campus. I can see the tower from the window at the end of the hall.

We went out to Lambert’s Barbecue for dinner last night and then out to watch the Austin bats.

Upstairs at Lambert’s Barbecue

The Congress St. Bridge bats aren’t a minor league baseball team. They’re real bats that live under the bridge and leave en mass each night at dusk.

Waiting to see the bats fly

We walked out to the bridge and waited…and waited…and waited. No bats. There were some flying around under the bridge but they weren’t taking off. The previous night they took off at 9:10. We waited until about 9:40 and still no bats. It was till 100 deg out, so we gave up and opted to head back to the air conditioning. Maybe next time.

Flat Kendall takes in the Austin skyline

Flat Kendall Goes to the Air Show

Flat Kendall and I are in Ocean City, MD for Girls’ Weekend – a 30-year reunion with some of the best ladies I’ve ever met. The air show was in town this weekend, so we headed down to the beach to watch the show.

A looping bi-plane

We haven’t had much time in the sun so far this year, so we spent the day under the umbrella trying not to burn. I’d pop out every now and then to watch the planes overhead.

Trying to keep from getting her pale Oregon skin burnt by the hot sun

The air show was four hours long. The best part was the show put on by the Blue Angels. They never disappoint.

The Blue Angels

There was plenty of time to hang by the pool, too.

Hanging out at the pool

We had a great time in DE/MD with the girls. I’d tell you more, but what happens in Fenwick Island stays in Fenwick Island.