We were Flocked!

Last week, both Kendall and I celebrated our birthdays. The morning of my birthday,  we woke up to find our entire front yard flocked with plastic, pink flamingos wearing party hats.

We were flocked by pink flamingos
Flamingos were everywhere.
Kendall wasn’t too sure about these flamingos.

Turns out that a friend of mine was responsible. She found a company that will come in at night and flock your yard with flamingos for any occasion. They have different outfits that they can put on the flamingos depending on the occasion. They have party hats, graduation hats, wedding attire, and much more.

Don’t mess with the flamingos.
The people responsible for the flocking.

The flamingos visited for two days and then disappeared overnight. My neighbors were sure wondering what was going on. What a fun way to surprise someone.