Summer Concert Season and a Saturday Pet Blog Hop

Summer concert season is upon us, and it’s cutting into my blogging time. As you may have noticed this week, there’s been an absence of posts. It’s not due to a lack of things to blog about but rather a lack of time. We wait all year in the Pacific NW through the drizzle and fog and mud for July 4th to come around. That’s the official start of summer around here. It’s as if someone flips a switch and it’s suddenly summer. The clouds are gone, the air is dry, and the sun is shining. Early July also brings on the summer outdoor concert season. Our summers are short, so we try to pack as much into the three dry months we have. One of our favorite things to do is to pack a picnic and head to a local park for an outdoor concert. Kendall loves to go along.

Lake Oswego summer concert series at Foothills Park

One of our favorite concert series is the Lake Oswego series. They hold four concerts at Foothills Park on the banks of the Willamette River on Wednesday evenings. Then, they move to Westlake Park for four more. This picture was taken before the crowds filled in.

Kendall enjoying the concert

Lake Oswego also holds concerts in Millenium Park on Sunday nights. It’s a great way to wrap up the weekend. Those are also held during July and August. They tend to be more on the classical/jazz/acoustic side whereas the Wednesday nights are more dance music and rock.

Another series that we attend are the Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District’s summer concerts. On Thursday, Quarterflash, of “Harden My Heart” fame, played at a local park.


This crowd was much larger than the Lake Oswego concert on Wednesday.

Puffy and his owner

Kendall didn’t go to this concert with us because her older brother, Bailey, is staying with us for the weekend, and I didn’t know how big the crowd would be. Puffy, named after Puff Daddy, sat in front of us.

For a complete list of outdoor concerts and music festivals in the Portland, OR area, see Portland on the Cheap’s listing. He’s done a great job of putting all of the links in one place.

Also, today is Saturday, which means it must be time for the Saturday Pet Blog Hop. So, hop on over and check out some wonderful pet blogs. If you’re stopping by from the hop, welcome. Take some time to look around. I hope you’ll be back to see what else Kendall’s been up to this summer.

10 Fun Things to do with Your Dog During the Dog Days of Summer

For many of you summer has arrived. I can’t say that’s true here in the Pacific NW, though. We’re stuck in the throes of “June-uary”. The heat is still on, and we’re still wearing fleece. That doesn’t mean it’s too early to think about fun stuff to do with your dog during the hot days of summer. Here are some fun ideas:

1.  Run through the sprinklers
Dogs love to get wet. Well, most dogs love to get wet. Not Kendall, but that’s her being princesslike.

2.  Make dog popsicles
There are some great instructions on making frozen treats for your dog on eHow. Now, tuna and carrot popsicles don’t sound very appealing to me, but I bet your dog would love it. You can make your own frozen concoctions to eat alongside your pup.

3.  Soak your feet/paws in a kiddie pool
Those blue plastic pools from Kmart can be fun to soak your feet and paws in. Just be careful that your dog isn’t diving for toys in the bottom of the pool. They can inhale the water and get it into their lungs. Here are some pool safety tips.

4.  Laze inside in the air conditioning
This sounds like Kendall’s kind of activity. There’s nothing like curling up with your dog and reading a good book.

5.  Wear a cooling bandana
Cooling bandanas filled with polymer crystals and then soaked in cool water are a nice way to cool off. I’ve seen them for humans at places like REI or even a craft show, but now they even make them for dogs. Outward Hound makes one to help keep your dog cool. (We haven’t tried it, nor are we endorsing it. It’s just FYI.)

6.  Go for a walk
If you plan your walks for early in the morning and late in the evening, you can avoid the heat of the day while still getting that much-needed exercise. Notice I didn’t say OR. You could always join in the walking challenge over at Lessons From and For 4 Legs.

7.  Rent a dog movie to watch in your backyard theater
Summertime is great for outdoor movies in the back yard. All you need is a DLP or LCD projector and a bed sheet. Wait for the sun to go down and gather with your friends and your pup’s friends in the back yard. Here are some great ideas for outdoor setups.

8.  Share a bowl of strawberries
Strawberries are full of antioxidants and are generally safe for your dog. That being said, share one or two, not half the bowl. You want to make sure your dog stays fit as a fiddle from all of that exercise you got taking the walks mentioned previously and from the nutritious food you’re feeding him. Oh, and leave the ice cream for the humans.

9.  Go to an outdoor concert
This is where you’ll find us many evenings during the summer. We love to pack a picnic and head out to one of the many concerts available in the area. Our summers may be short, but we pack a lot into that time.

10.  What would you do?
Tell me your ideas for having fun with your dog this summer. Let’s see how long we can make the list.


Summer’s Winding Down

As I downloaded pictures from our cameras yesterday, I noticed a number of pictures that I never got around to posting. Here’s a random sampling of our summer.

All decked out for the Fourth of July parade in Carnation, WA

Camping in Carnation, WA

Summer concert at Oak Knoll winery
Multnomah Days parade – we walked with the Delta Society

Camping at John Neal Memorial park

A little covered bridge in Scio, OR

We also attended the Air and Art Festival in Albany over the weekend, but it doesn’t look like we took any pictures there. It was advertised as a balloon festival, but we never saw a single balloon. It seemed like it was a festival with an identity crisis. We saw art, old cars, airplanes, and music.  The drive there took us through Scio, OR where we took the picture above. We did find one of the many covered bridges in the area.

Hope your summer’s been as full and fun as ours. The final summer concert is tomorrow night in Beaverton. I don’t know about you, but this summer went by way too quickly.