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Merry Christmas

Kendall and Santa

Kendall and Santa

We wish you and yours a very, merry Christmas. Hope you are spending the day with your loved ones. Kendall is hanging out at home with her new stuffed giraffe.

Great Dog Walking Parks in the Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District

I was recently walking in the Tualatin Hills Nature Park, which doesn’t allow dogs, and I was wondering where I could take Kendall for a walk. I picked up a brochure that outlined the parks that allow dogs, and I thought I’d share them with with you.

1. Rock Creek Trail at Bethany Lake

Park at 185th at Bethany Lake Park just south of West Union Avenue. Head east on the paved trail that skirts Bethany Lake and head to Rock Creek Soccer fields.

2. Willow Creek Nature park (15 acres)

Park at the Waterhouse Soccer field on NW Silverado & Mission Oaks Drive. Two trailheads are located across the soccer filed. Very nice boardwalk through wetlands and Moshovsky Woods.

3. Jenkins Estates (68 acres)

8005 Grabhorn Rd south of 209th and Farmington Rd. Park at Camp Rivendale. You can walk the gardens at this revitalized country estate with your dog or hike the many wooded trails. Parking at Camp Rivendale is available from dawn until dusk.

4. Lowami Hart Woods Park (29 Acres)

Entrances along Hart Rd. between 152nd and Forest Rd. Official trails can be confused with social or deer trails, so be sure to note where you came from so you don’t get lost. this is a nice forested hike along Johnson Creek with several loops to choose from.

5. Hyland Forest Park (29 Acres)

Northeast of SW Murray and SW Sexton Mountain Dr. Access off SW Hargis Rd/SW 139th and Sexton Mountain Dr. Lots of loop trails thoughout the forest.

6. Fanno Creek Trail/Denney RD.

The Fanno Creek Park/Denney Road trailhead is located in the northernmost portion of Fanno Creek Park, just west of Hwy 217, on the south side of Denny Rd. Wildlife abounds along the trail.  The trail follows along Fanno Creek and continues south of Hall Blvd. through Greenway Park, then to Tigard. (This is Kendall’s favorite park.)

7. Hazeldale off-leash dog park

Access of 196th and Farmington. Two acres off-leash area with separate areas for small and large dogs.

8. Garden Home to Fanno Creek

Start at the Garden Home Rec Center. Follow it all the way to Scholls Ferry Rd. Cross Allen Blvd. and wind along the creek to meet up with the Fanno Creek/Denney Rd. trailhead.

Note: Most of this information came from the THPRD flyer. Remember to pick up after your dog. All dogs are required to be on a leash.

We hope to see you out on the trail.

The End of Summer

It’s hard to believe it’s September already. The end of summer came way too quickly this year. We’ve been busy going to outdoor summer concerts and spending lots and lots of time on the Oregon coast. Kendall and I were fortunate enough to be able to stay at the coast for Labor Day weekend and the days following it. I captured these photos during the last “unofficial” sunset of summer.

Labor Day sunset

Labor Day sunset


Watching the sunset


The end of summer

Fortunately, the great weather continues into September here in Oregon, so Kendall and I have been up to some fun adventures. Photos to come.

Product Review – True Chews

by Gretchen DeMoss

I was recently asked to do a product review of True Chews 100% Natural Dog Treats. They’re jerky cuts made with real chicken. I liked that they are made in the U.S., and they have an ingredient list that’s short and includes things with which I am familiar.

As always, Kendall gets pretty excited when the Chewy truck (aka UPS) brings things to our door. She’s convinced that every time the truck goes by it has something in it for her. Her dog food also comes via the Chewy truck, so this gets reinforced every month. (We subscribe to her prescription Royal Canin dog food through It saves me a trip down to the vet each month.)

The jerky has the look, feel, and smell of real jerky. It tears apart like real jerky. I gave her a piece that she took, chewed a few times, and then almost swallowed the thing whole. I learned then that I need to tear it off in bits to give to Kendall. She’s one of those dogs that will eat things quickly and try to swallow it whole, so I have to really watch her when she gets near the end of a chewy.

Kendall really seems to like the True Chews. She gives them two paws up.

True Chews from

True Chews from is holding a Faces of Summer Giveaway.

Post a photo of your Cat or Dog enjoying their favorite summertime activity for a chance to win!!  In under 50 words, tell us about your favorite summertime activity with your pet to win a special Chewy prize pack. Tag #teamchewy on Instagram and Twitter, or message us on Facebook to enter!

By sending a picture of your furry family enjoying the summer months, accompanied by a brief description, you’ll be entered to be a featured pet as well as entered into the raffle for a special Prize package. The contest will run through the end of September and the winner will be contacted the first week of October.

Follow this link to enter: a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclaimer: The bag of jerky was provided to me for free by, but the opinions and review are my own.

Get Your Gris On this Weekend

by Gretchen Demoss

It’s summer and a great time to drink white wine. While the Willamette Valley is known for their pinot noir, the wineries here put out some great pinot gris. This weekend is your chance to visit a number of wineries in the area and taste some great gris.

I received this great graphic highlighting the participating wineries from Oak Knoll Winery. I couldn’t have put it together better myself, so I’m sharing their graphic with you.


For more information, visit the Oregon Pinot Gris web site.

I know that  Apolloni Vineyards, Kramer Vineyards, and Oak Knoll Winery have dog-friendly grounds. If you go, be sure to have your dog on a leash and pick up after them. Also, the dogs can’t go in to the tasting rooms. Hope to see you out there.

Also happening this weekend is Carlton’s Walk in the Park. This is a benefit for local charities that combines artists and musicians with local restaurants and wineries. There are 27 wineries participating. This event is not dog friendly. For more information see

Happy Birthday, Kendall

by Gretchen DeMoss

Today is Kendall’s 5th birthday. It’s hard to believe it’s been five years since she came into our lives.

About 8 weeks old on her first home visit

About 8 weeks old on her first home visit

What a little cutie

What a little cutie

Kendall doesn’t get to see her brother, Riley, very often, but when they do get together they have a great time.

Learning to share with Riley

Doing what she does best

Doing what she does best

Kendall loves the beach

Kendall loves the beach

One of my favorite pictures

One of my favorite pictures

Happy Birthday, little girl.



Flat Kendall visits Colonial Williamsburg

Flat Kendall has had a busy summer so far, and it’s still only June. First, there was a trip to Ireland, and now she’s off to Colonial Williamsburg in Virginia. I was there for a conference for work and took Flat Kendall along. We didn’t have much time to explore, but we did make it to Merchant Square where there’s shopping and dining.

Arriving at Colonial Williamsburg

Arriving at Colonial Williamsburg

At the weaver's

At the weaver’s

Hmmm...wonder if there's any food in there for me

Anyone need a tailor?

A pub for dogs!

A pub for dogs!

Lots of shopping in Merchants Square

Lots of shopping in Merchants Square

This bench looks quite inviting

This bench looks quite inviting

More shopping

More shopping

We found this guy just waiting for someone to come along and take a picture with him

We found this guy just waiting for someone to come along and take a picture with him

Winding down with wine and cheese at the Cheese Shop

Winding down with wine and cheese at the Cheese Shop

Have you been to Colonial Williamsburg? What was your favorite part?








Flat Kendall visits Ireland

Flat Kendall is off on an adventure in Ireland with a good friend of mine. Looks like they’re seeing some great sites.

At the Cliffs of Mother

At the Cliffs of Moher

On the way to O'Brien's Tower

On the way to O’Brien’s Tower


It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day

Today is Take Your Dog to Work Day. I’m working from home today, so Kendall got to go to work with me. Here she is working hard.

sleeping Cavalier

It’s tough going to work

Chewy Makes a Delivery

by Gretchen DeMoss

As you know from our previous posts, Kendall loves everything sweet potato. When we were contacted by the great folks at to do a review of treats, Kendall was all over the Natural Balance Fish & Sweet Potato Formula Jerky Bars., formerly known as Mr. Chewy, delivers Kendall’s dog food on a set schedule, so she knows that the UPS man is bringing her something good when the Chewy box shows up. This time it was something new. Do you think she liked them? Watch the video and find out.

Of course she did. They’re a bit less jerky and a bit more cakey than I would’ve expected, but Kendall loves them just the same. I break them into smaller pieces for her.

Check out for all of your pets’ needs.

Note: We were provided the bag of dog treats by The opinions expressed by Kendall and me are our own.