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  1. I Loved seeing your pic of Kindall at the beach.. i think it was manzanita.. and then again at canon beach! he is adorable! where did you stay in manzanita? we are thinking of looking at property to retire to and wanted to take our 2 pugs with us to visit.. i think it sounded like you didn’t like the hotel you stayed at.. so i don’t want to stay there..LOL need to find a nice place to stay.
    I am so happy you love you dogs like i do!

    1. Julie, we ended up staying at Ocean Lodge in Cannon Beach after our house rental in Manzanita didn’t work out. In the past we have camped at Nehalem Bay state park just south of Manzanita, but I haven’t been successful in Manzanita, yet.

  2. Hi 🙂
    Lovely to see your gorgeous cavalier.. I was just wondering if you might possibly be able to help me..?
    I see you bought a Barbour coat for her a while back and was wondering what size you purchased? as all the online sizing charts are very vague…
    It looks a great fit and I am wanting to get one for Oscar my cavalier 🙂
    Thanks & Kind Regards

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