We’ve been busy getting our 1961 Aljo ready for camping season, so I’ve been visiting secondhand stores and estate sales to see what 1960s stuff I can find. Today I scored! Look what I found.

A mid-century Welby starburst clock

I got the clock for $5 at an estate sale. We were going to take off the wood spikes so that it would fit into the trailer, but a quick search on ebay shows that these are selling for over $200. I think I’ll think twice about modifying it. I may sell this and get what I really want, An Atomic Lounge piece of art from here.

I also picked up these great wooden salt and pepper shakers. They have “Made in Honduras” printed on the top. The sides with the S and P are similar but all of the other sides are different. They stand about 6 in. high.

The similar sides showing S and P
One of the other sides
Another side
And yet another side. They're all different.

I also got these for $5 for the pair. We have a friend who has a Tiki Lounge themed vintage trailer. We’ll probably give them to them for the trailer.

A few weeks ago, I picked up a few more things for the Atomic Lounge including this great Last Call/Happy Hour sign.

Last call sign
Last Call flips over to read Happy Hour

This sign lights up and sits perfectly in the front window of the trailer.

I also scored when I found a box of swizzle sticks from the old Hoyt Hotel in Portland. It was torn down in the early 70’s and was the home of the Barbary Coast Bar. It was the place where Darcelle got her start.

Swizzle sticks from the Barbary Coast at the Hoyt Hotel

This only shows a few, but I got about 500 of these swizzle sticks. I think I’ll hand them out to people who visit during the vintage trailer rallies.

I also picked up a few other things that I haven’t taken any pictures of. I’ll be sure to include them in future posts.

So, what does Kendall think about all of this shopping?

C'mon, mom, let's just go camping!
I just can't stand it anymore.

The Maiden Voyage of the Atomic Lounge

As I mentioned a week or so ago, we are now the proud owners of a 1961 Aljo vintage trailer. This past weekend we joined a number of other vintage trailer owners for a rare nice weekend in April for a gathering in Oregon. This was our first trip out in the Aljo. I spent all of Thursday frantically sewing curtains for the trailer so that we’d be ready to take her out.

Our "new" 1961 Aljo trailer
We're transforming her into the Atomic Lounge
This bed is more comfortable than our one at home.
All of the comforts of home.
A rare Airstream
Isn't it beautiful? You should see the inside!
Look at the combo vintage car and trailer!
An Aloha trailer built right here in Oregon
Another Aloha trailer
This is one gorgeous Roadmaster
It had a full size range and refrigerator inside
Kendall loves that she can see out the windows when on the bed now
Kendall's new trailer
Who wants to go camping with me?