A Beaver Dam in Greenway Park

Kendall’s favorite place to walk is the Greenway Park in Beaverton. It’s wide open, so passing other dogs, bikes, and people is no problem, and the smells must be great. The other day we were walking along, and I noticed something unusual.

This looked a little odd.

We walked a little farther down the path and saw some more small trees that were obviously chopped down by something other than an axe or a saw.

You can't mistake this for a saw.

I didn’t notice the teeth marks until I imported the picture. A bit farther down the path I noticed that the water was a lot higher than it normally is.

The water above the dam

This is Fanno Creek, which normally runs pretty low and is a fairly narrow stream. The beavers built themselves a nice little dam. It’s close enough to the trail that it can be observed without people trampling things and disturbing the area too much. It’s a great learning experience.

The back side of the dam

The dam does a pretty good job. There’s a small amount of water getting through and you can see some trickling around the sides. I wonder what problems this will cause once it starts raining.

What a fun and unusual sight to see during our usual, uneventful walk. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. We are the Beaver State.

Did you notice there’s no Kendall in the photos. Apparently my “nature girl” side came out, and I completely forgot to get her in the pictures. Just imagine her sniffing away on the side.

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