BlogPaws 2012 – Wrap up

We had a great time at BlogPaws 2012 in Salt Lake City, UT. I learned a lot about SEO and social media, while Kendall had a great time meeting lots of people and other dogs. She even met some nice cats.

Kendall was worn out at the end of the conference

We won some great prizes, too, including a gift basket from Ark Naturals and a cat fountain. The fountain is all packed up, so I’ll have to take pictures of it when I get it out of the box.

We won this great gift basket full of natural pet products.

Kendall is back in the Pacific Northwest, while I’m off on yet another business trip. Don’t worry. Flat Kendall is with me.

A big THANK YOU to the BlogPaws team for putting on such a fun and educational conference. It was fun meeting so many people and finally putting faces with names.

BlogPaws 2013 will be back in Tysons Corner, VA. Kendall probably won’t make the trip, but you never know about Flat Kendall.


Pet Bloggers Galore!

It’s Day 2 at BlogPaws 2012, and Kendall and I are having a great time. We’ve met pet bloggers galore! We’ve met dog bloggers, cat bloggers, ferret bloggers, hamster bloggers, rescue bloggers, hobby bloggers, bloggers who want to make money, people who want to be bloggers, and lots, lots more. We’ve also met lots of dogs and cats, and even a ferret. Here are some of the highlights from the past day.

The opening event was an appearance by Tillman, the skateboarding dog, and his cohorts Sully and Rose. Norman, the scooter dog, also performed for us.

Sully and Rose pop balloons at the BlogPaws opening event
Kendall hanging back at the BlogPaws opening event

It got a bit crowded up front for Kendall, so we retreated to the back of the crowd.

Potty break for the bulldog posse
Norman, the scooter dog
Rose in her tutu
Hanging out at BlogPaws

We spent some time in the exhibit hall. There were lots and lots of big bowls of water, but Kendall kept going back to this one little bowl that was part of a display. It must’ve felt more her size.

Kendall’s favorite water bowl in the entire place

We also went to some great sessions that I’ll blog about a little later. Now, it’s time for a reception followed by a dog-friendly event at a local brewpub.

BlogPaws 2012

Kendall and I safely arrived in Salt Lake City yesterday for BlogPaws 2012. BlogPaws is a blogging and social media conference for pet bloggers. We took two days to drive here, and I had great intentions of taking lots of pictures along the way. However, everything I wanted to take pictures of I saw while driving. The rest stops didn’t offer much in picturesque scenery. We did stop at one of my favorite places, The Pendleton Woolen Mill, in Pendleton, OR.

Pendleton Woolen Mill

Today we spent the day walking all over town. One of our stops was Temple Square in downtown Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake Temple
Reflection of Salt Lake Temple
Kendall hanging out by the reflecting pool

It was quite warm in Salt Lake City today, so Kendall and I wandered down the shady side of the street and found a great little cafe, The Judge Cafe, for lunch. I packed a collapsible water bowl and a bottle of water, so Kendall cooled off while I had lunch.

Walking along Main Street, I saw this great sign on a small store. I love the retro look.

I love the neon on this sign

Kendall picked up all kinds of grime in her feathers, so we went over to Paw Paw’s Self Serve Dog Wash, about a block or so from our hotel for a last minute fluff and buff.

The conference starts at 6:00 with a kickoff by Tillman, the skateboarding dog, and Norman, the scooter dog. Kendall got to meet both of them in the courtyard last night, but, of course, I didn’t have my camera with me. Can’t wait to see what great ideas I pick up at the conference.