Shop Dogs and a Fancy New Coat

I went to lunch and then shopping with a friend in downtown Portland today. We stopped in to Michael Allen’s to greet the the two Cavaliers who “work” there and to buy Kendall a fancy new coat for Christmas.


Charlie is 11 1/2 years old and goes to work every day with his owner. They were both doing what Cavaliers do best, sleeping on the couch. We woke Charlie up to try on the coat for size.


Max was doing his part to make the customers feel welcome.

I picked up a new Barbour coat for Kendall for Christmas. Here she is modeling it.

Her new winter coat
A perfect fit

Now that I know it fits, I can wrap it up and put it under the tree. Do you think she’ll act surprised when we open it on Christmas?

Merry Christmas

Christmas 2012

Things are going to get a bit busy over the next few days, so I wanted to make sure we got our holiday greetings up. No matter what you’re celebrating this year, I hope you have a joyous time. We’ll be hanging close to home this holiday season. What are you doing?

On a side note, we were featured over on the Resolve to Give blog today. Eric is an inspiring person who resolved to give each and every day of 2011. You can read about how this busy engineer and father found the time and the energy to give of himself and the wonderful things he discovered along the way.

Merry Christmas,

Gretchen and Kendall

We’re back!

I bet you thought we fell off the face of the Earth. I made it back from Dallas and then things got busy. We headed to the Oregon Coast for Thanksgiving and rented a great house about a block from the beach. There was a huge storm during the days before Thanksgiving that closed some of the roads to the coast due to downed trees and flooding. The storm also blew the sand around quite a bit so that it looked like snow drifts up against the houses on the beach.

Drifted sand due to the storm
Kendall checking out the sand drifts

It poured down rain most of the day on Thanksgiving. It was raining so hard it looked like it was coming down in sheets. Right after dinner, the skies cleared and we were able to go for a walk on the beach without being blown away.

The beach at Pacific City, OR

There were still storms out at sea, so the waves were big. You have to be careful not to turn your back on the ocean, especially on days like this. You never know when a sneaker wave is going to come in and sweep you off your feet. It happens way too often here.

Watching the ocean

There’s a dune at the end of the beach in Pacific City where you can climb to the top.

Giant dune at Pacific City
Randomly placed logs in the sand
Daily visitors

There were a number of deer that strolled through the neighborhood each day. They looked right at home, and they weren’t scared of us at all. Kendall loved watching for them in the window.

A New Meaning for Poop Deck

As I mentioned the other day, Kendall hates to get her feet wet. It seems like our back yard is wet from November until next July. You can always tell when the rains have moved in because we start to find things on our deck.

Kendall gives a whole new meaning to the term Poop Deck

At least she didn’t have to get her feet wet. Don’t worry. We clean it up and the rains keep our deck washed.

A New Snood

Kendall's new snood

A package arrived last week from our blogging friend at Embee Cavaliers. Mary Beth held a giveaway on her blog for one of her wonderful snoods and a folder with pictures of some beautiful Cavaliers on it. I used the folder for Kendall’s AKC Therapy Dog paperwork. How fitting is that?

Kendall’s new snood is a beautiful emerald green color. It fits over her head and holds her ears up out of the bowl. The ears on Cavaliers are beautiful but keeping them out of messy food bowls is tough. The snood makes it easy. Kendall wasn’t too sure about this new snood.

She's not so sure about this.

I’d never heard of the term snood until we got Kendall. After some research on the internet I see that it’s also the term used to describe the hair nets often used by Jewish Orthodox women. Who knew?

If looks could kill.

Her first experience with the snood didn’t last too long. She was sure that I put it on just to make her look funny and take pictures.

Must get this off.

She worked very hard to take it off. I’ll have to make sure I have a big bowl of messy food ready for the next time we put it on.

I can't believe you put this on me!

Thanks, Mary Beth, for sending our folder and snood. Be sure to check out her blog. She has four beautiful Cavaliers: a Blenheim, a ruby, a tri-color and a black and tan. They’re gorgeous. Her blog is full of great pictures and information on responsible breeding.


Flat Kendall visits Omaha, Nebraska

This past week found me on the road in Omaha, Nebraska. Kendall couldn’t come along so I took Flat Kendall with me to explore the town.


They have a nice Old Market area that has lots of shops and restaurants.



Down by the waterfront they have a couple of slides you can use in lieu of the stairs. We just had to try it. When’s the last time you’ve been down a slide?


I was there for the 4-H Extension conference. Here’s Flat Kendall hanging out with the blow up mascot.



Of course, she found the one place that had dog treats. I brought some home for the real Kendall. The treats are all natural and they can only be purchased through 4-H members. They also had horse treats and cat treats.


Here she is hanging out at the Verrnier booth. She wasn’t eligible for the gift certificate, though.


On the way out Flat Kendall found the high end dog treats at the Omaha Steaks kiosk.


Giant Pumpkin Regatta

Saturday turned out to be a beautiful fall day in the Pacific Northwest. After running some errands, we decided to stop at the Giant Pumpkin Regatta in Tualatin, OR. There’s a little man-made lake there in which they often hold events like kayak and canoe days and remote control boat races.

Face painting, pumpkin carving, and food galore

There were lots of families there and lots to do. It seemed like everyone was out with the kids and their dogs.

Costumes and dogs were everywhere


The view from the other side of the lake

Around the other side of the lake from the festivities, there’s a bronze statue. Kendall paused to appreciate the art.

Enjoying the local art

The Tualatin Riverkeepers had canoes you could rent to paddle around the little lake. This was early in the day and only a few of the giant pumpkins were in the water.

Giant pumpkins and canoes
There were even train rides!

This little Cocker Spaniel was not happy to be out among other dogs. Maybe it was the costume he was wearing. He was quite barky.

A cute little Cocker Spaniel pumpkin

They were bringing in the giant pumpkins on pallets and then picking them up with a fork lift and moving them to the lake. They stopped just before putting them in the water to weigh them. The one we heard being announced was just over 1000 lbs.

Giant pumpkins waiting for weigh in


So, how does one qualify to be a pumpkin judge?

Once the pumpkins were in there, they were using little remote controlled tug boats to move the pumpkins around in the water. We didn’t stay around for the afternoon, but my understanding is that they were going to put people on top of these pumpkins and then use them as boats to maneuver around the lake. Hence, the Giant Pumpkin Regatta.

Giant pumpkins ready for the regatta

Kendall didn’t really care about the giant pumpkins. All she wanted to do was to meet all of the little kids that were running around.

I’m glad I took along the good camera, because I’m happy with the way the fall colors turned out.

Flat Kendall and I are off to the great state of Nebraska on Tuesday. I hope I’m more successful at getting some pictures there than I was when she went to Anaheim with me. Notice there were no Anaheim pictures? I flew there straight from New York a week or so ago, but I never made it out of the hotel to get any Mickey pictures.

Delta Society: One Bond-One World Event

Tonight is the Delta Society’s First Annual Fall Gala here in Portland. It’s called One Bond-One World: Framing the Connection. It’s being held at the Nines Hotel, which is one of the fanciest hotels in town, and Kendall gets to go! Believe it or not, the hotel is dog friendly. We’re not planning to stay overnight since we only live a few miles away, but we could.

The event includes dinner, dancing, and an auction. People who bought tickets also have the opportunity to bring their own well-behaved dogs. Kendall and I are going as a Pet Partner team, so she’ll be wearing her vest while I’m wearing a black cocktail dress. It should look great covered with white dog hair by the end of the evening.

To get ready for the event, Kendall went to the groomer yesterday for a Fluff and Buff. She came home looking beautifully white. I don’t know how Deb, the groomer, does it. Kendall just had a bath on Wednesday so that we could volunteer at the library’s Read to the Dog program on Thursday night, and I didn’t get her nearly that white. It could be because I’m leaning over the bathtub doing my best to get the under carriage, while Deb probably has a set up where she’s at a better workable height. Whatever it is she does, Kendall came out looking beautiful.

After her Fluff and Buff

We took advantage of the fact that I was off work early on a Friday and Kendall had just had a bath, so we stopped by for a visit at the Assisted Living Facility where we visit as a Delta Society Pet Partner team. I took the bows out before our visit, since dogs aren’t allowed to be dressed up or sporting bows when they’re working.

The local paper published a very nice article about the event. I hope to get lots of pictures to share with you tomorrow.