Portland Area Pet Events for Saturday, July 16th

I usually don’t get around to posting pet events until right before they happen, but this came across my email in plenty of time to get it posted so that you would have time to get it on your calendars.

Beaverton Toyota Pet Party – Saturday, July 16th, 11 am – 3 pm
Join Beaverton Toyota and local dog vendors for free food, pictures, treats, and drinks. Find out about the latest in pet travel products. See their web site for a complete description.
Dog Days of Tigard – Saturday, July 16th, 9:30 am – noon.
This event will be held at Potso Dog Park in Tigard. Follow the link for complete information. Please remember to make sure your dog is up on all of his/her shots when taking your dog to a dog park.
Paws for a Cause – Dog Walk and Fair Saturday, July 16th, 8:30 am – noon OHSU is hosting this 1K or 5K dog walk as a fundraiser for the Parkinson Center of Oregon. DoveLewis will have an information booth at the event.  This event will take place at the base of the OHSU Tram.

I was a hairspray addict

They say the first step to conquering a problem is admitting that you have a problem. I have a problem, not a usual problem, but a hairspray problem. I don’t inhale it or misuse it, I just use a lot of it. A LOT. I’ve always had fine hair with next to no body that lays close to my head if I don’t use any product in it. No amount of blow drying or curling with a curling iron will give my hair any fluff. That is, until I spray it with lots and lots of hair spray. I’ve tried the perm route and the teasing route, but nothing works as well as hairspray.

I was a teen in the 80’s when big hair was queen! My college friends will attest to my ever-present quest for big hair. I look back at those pictures and laugh, because the perms and all of that hairspray really did no more than give me the illusion that I had big hair.

I was even under the impression as I got older that the more you spent on hairspray, the better your hair would look. No more AquaNet for me. I’d moved on to the big guns like Hard Head Hair Spray by Bed Head. If it could lacquer up my hair and make it stay in place from the time I got a shower in the morning to the time I went to bed, then it was the product for me. I had hairspray stashed in my desk drawer and in my locker at work. No carry-on luggage for me because I couldn’t take my prized hairspray with me.

Then, my Vespa entered the picture. I live in a state that requires you to wear helmets when riding a scooter or motorcycle. I can tell you that lacquered up hair shoved into a motorcycle helmet for any period of time looks like crap. No amount of fluffing or applying additional hairspray will help the helmet hair. I was desperate, so I asked my hairstylist for a new do that would stand up to the challenge of the helmet. She said it was a challenge but that she’d do her best.

I’m happy to say that I am now hairspray-free. I have been for 30 days. Not a spritz. Not a spray. Nothing. Not that I haven’t been tempted. No, I have been tempted a lot. A LOT. But I stuck to my guns and haven’t sprayed a drop in 30 days! Can you believe it?

So, for all of you hairspray addicts out there, there’s hope! There really is. Get a great cut and go cold turkey. If I can do it, you can too!

Happy 3rd Birthday, Kendall

Today is Kendall’s 3rd birthday. Who ever knew the day we chose her she chose us at the breeder’s that she’d bring so much joy to so many people’s lives. Besides our family, Kendall brings joy over and over again to the residents she visits at the assisted living facility and the children in the Read to the Dogs program. She has a huge heart and even bigger eyes. Happy Birthday, little girl.

We’re planning to go to Cavalier Day at Urban Fauna and then spend the day barbecuing some ribs. The sun seems to have decided to go away for the day, so it might be a good day to catch up on things that were neglected during my trip last week.


Yesterday was the American Cancer Society’s Bark for Life in Beaverton. The weather was less than perfect but typical for June in the Pacific Northwest. Kendall and I headed out to the park right before the walk was to take place. I was hoping the rain would stop, but it didn’t. The turn out wasn’t all that great. There were about 30 or so dogs there, many of whom were sporting the latest in doggie rain gear.

The walk consisted of two laps, or more if you desired, around the park amounting to about 1 mile. Then, there was a kissing contest and other games for you and your dog.

Lined up for the kissing contest

Kendall’s usually a big kisser, even though I’ve been trying to teach her not to kiss when we go out on our therapy dog visits. Of course, today was the day she decided that she wasn’t going to do any kissing.

Vendors at the Bark for Life

There were some vendors there, but as you can see, it wasn’t very crowded. This was taken while the group was on one of their laps around the park. I took an early lap looking for the registration table.

Fetch for Life

They also had an area called Fetch for Life. The dog could go into the area, find a treat or toy, and take it home. Kendall honed in on a huge dog treat big enough for a Great Dane. She wanted nothing to do with the pull toys, balls, or rawhides available.

We waited around in the rain for the next event, but we got tired of being wet and went home. I’m glad we got to participate and support the American Cancer Society. Keep your eyes out for an event coming near you.

10 Fun Things to do with Your Dog During the Dog Days of Summer

For many of you summer has arrived. I can’t say that’s true here in the Pacific NW, though. We’re stuck in the throes of “June-uary”. The heat is still on, and we’re still wearing fleece. That doesn’t mean it’s too early to think about fun stuff to do with your dog during the hot days of summer. Here are some fun ideas:

1.  Run through the sprinklers
Dogs love to get wet. Well, most dogs love to get wet. Not Kendall, but that’s her being princesslike.

2.  Make dog popsicles
There are some great instructions on making frozen treats for your dog on eHow. Now, tuna and carrot popsicles don’t sound very appealing to me, but I bet your dog would love it. You can make your own frozen concoctions to eat alongside your pup.

3.  Soak your feet/paws in a kiddie pool
Those blue plastic pools from Kmart can be fun to soak your feet and paws in. Just be careful that your dog isn’t diving for toys in the bottom of the pool. They can inhale the water and get it into their lungs. Here are some pool safety tips.

4.  Laze inside in the air conditioning
This sounds like Kendall’s kind of activity. There’s nothing like curling up with your dog and reading a good book.

5.  Wear a cooling bandana
Cooling bandanas filled with polymer crystals and then soaked in cool water are a nice way to cool off. I’ve seen them for humans at places like REI or even a craft show, but now they even make them for dogs. Outward Hound makes one to help keep your dog cool. (We haven’t tried it, nor are we endorsing it. It’s just FYI.)

6.  Go for a walk
If you plan your walks for early in the morning and late in the evening, you can avoid the heat of the day while still getting that much-needed exercise. Notice I didn’t say OR. You could always join in the walking challenge over at Lessons From and For 4 Legs.

7.  Rent a dog movie to watch in your backyard theater
Summertime is great for outdoor movies in the back yard. All you need is a DLP or LCD projector and a bed sheet. Wait for the sun to go down and gather with your friends and your pup’s friends in the back yard. Here are some great ideas for outdoor setups.

8.  Share a bowl of strawberries
Strawberries are full of antioxidants and are generally safe for your dog. That being said, share one or two, not half the bowl. You want to make sure your dog stays fit as a fiddle from all of that exercise you got taking the walks mentioned previously and from the nutritious food you’re feeding him. Oh, and leave the ice cream for the humans.

9.  Go to an outdoor concert
This is where you’ll find us many evenings during the summer. We love to pack a picnic and head out to one of the many concerts available in the area. Our summers may be short, but we pack a lot into that time.

10.  What would you do?
Tell me your ideas for having fun with your dog this summer. Let’s see how long we can make the list.