Delta Society Gala Pictures

Last night we attended the Delta Society’s First Annual Gala Event at the Nines Hotel in Portland. It was a great event. There was a silent auction before dinner, a live auction after dinner, and dancing. We had fun putting our bids in on some of the silent auction items. We ended up winning a stay at Skamania Lodge and a certificate for two nights of dog boarding. I may have to find someone who can use the dog boarding certificate because we’ve never boarded Kendall. I don’t really plan to start now.

Dressed and ready to head to the gala

It was great to see so many well-behaved dogs at the Nines Hotel. I hope they continue to allow us to bring our pet partners to the event.

If you live in the Portland area and could use the two nights of dog boarding at The Dog House on SW Moody Ave, leave me a comment, and I’ll contact you to get the certificate to you. The certificate expires on March 21, 2012.

Delta Society: One Bond-One World Event

Tonight is the Delta Society’s First Annual Fall Gala here in Portland. It’s called One Bond-One World: Framing the Connection. It’s being held at the Nines Hotel, which is one of the fanciest hotels in town, and Kendall gets to go! Believe it or not, the hotel is dog friendly. We’re not planning to stay overnight since we only live a few miles away, but we could.

The event includes dinner, dancing, and an auction. People who bought tickets also have the opportunity to bring their own well-behaved dogs. Kendall and I are going as a Pet Partner team, so she’ll be wearing her vest while I’m wearing a black cocktail dress. It should look great covered with white dog hair by the end of the evening.

To get ready for the event, Kendall went to the groomer yesterday for a Fluff and Buff. She came home looking beautifully white. I don’t know how Deb, the groomer, does it. Kendall just had a bath on Wednesday so that we could volunteer at the library’s Read to the Dog program on Thursday night, and I didn’t get her nearly that white. It could be because I’m leaning over the bathtub doing my best to get the under carriage, while Deb probably has a set up where she’s at a better workable height. Whatever it is she does, Kendall came out looking beautiful.

After her Fluff and Buff

We took advantage of the fact that I was off work early on a Friday and Kendall had just had a bath, so we stopped by for a visit at the Assisted Living Facility where we visit as a Delta Society Pet Partner team. I took the bows out before our visit, since dogs aren’t allowed to be dressed up or sporting bows when they’re working.

The local paper published a very nice article about the event. I hope to get lots of pictures to share with you tomorrow.