Canines Uncorked Pictures

A few weeks ago, on the day we left for our Maine trip, Canines Uncorked 2012  took place at 11 dog-friendly wineries in the Northern Willamette Valley region. We were pretty busy getting ready for a red-eye flight but managed to stop at Kramer Vineyards on our way to drop Kendall off at the sitter. The place was full of dogs and their owners enjoying the sun and sipping on some wonderful wine.

Enjoying the wine, food, and sunshine at Kramer Vineyards
The dogs were having a great time mingling
Kim Kramer pouring tastes at Canines Uncorked

Canines Uncorked is always a successful fund raiser for the Oregon Humane Society. We’re already looking forward to next year. We love that it includes some of our favorite wineries, and it’s a great excuse to get out with your dog and visit new (to us) wineries.

A wonderful evening at Kramer Vineyards

Last night I was invited to spend an evening at Kramer Vineyards in Gaston with food and wine bloggers and members of the Kramer family. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect for an evening in Oregon wine country.

All set for a wonderful evening
Sunset put a golden hue on everything

The sun cast a golden glow over the vineyards as we shared appetizers and tasted wines from the Kramer’s collection as well as other notable wines that some of the guest brought with them. I had the opportunity to sample some very good wines while learning a lot at the same time.

A perfect spot for an outdoor event
Great wine and good company

Guests were asked to bring something to share. Food bloggers brought food and wine bloggers brought wine. although I think some people brought both. Not being a food or a wine blogger, I decided to bring figs with goat cheese drizzled with peppered honey. It’s something that can be made entirely with local Oregon ingredients, and it travels well.

Anna and Justin - Anna blogs over at Banana Wonder
Discussing wines - Lisa Shara Hall, Kim Kramer, and Christopher

In addition to the figs, I also made frozen yogurt, blueberry, and peanut butter treats for the Kramer wine dogs.

Brody - One of the Kramer Vineyards wine dogs

Cosmo – One of the Kramer Vineyards wine dogs
Missy - another of the Kramer Vineyards wine dogs

Becky cooked some wonderful steaks on the grill. All of the food was awesome as were the great wines and the award-winning beer we sampled. Thanks for a perfect evening in Oregon wine country.

Barbecuing some awesome steaks

As promised, here is the link to the tomato jam.