Flat Kendall visits Omaha, Nebraska

This past week found me on the road in Omaha, Nebraska. Kendall couldn’t come along so I took Flat Kendall with me to explore the town.


They have a nice Old Market area that has lots of shops and restaurants.



Down by the waterfront they have a couple of slides you can use in lieu of the stairs. We just had to try it. When’s the last time you’ve been down a slide?


I was there for the 4-H Extension conference. Here’s Flat Kendall hanging out with the blow up mascot.



Of course, she found the one place that had dog treats. I brought some home for the real Kendall. The treats are all natural and they can only be purchased through 4-H members. They also had horse treats and cat treats.


Here she is hanging out at the Verrnier booth. She wasn’t eligible for the gift certificate, though.


On the way out Flat Kendall found the high end dog treats at the Omaha Steaks kiosk.