The View

The view from our house on Orcas Island

One of the things we loved about the house we rented on Orcas Island was the view from the deck. Here we’re looking down East Sound toward Lopez Island. We could watch the ferries go by and the sea planes come in to land at Rosario Resort.

Kendall loved that she had her own dog run. We just had to open the door and let her out. No need to get dressed and take her for a walk. That’s the part I liked. No need to get out of my pajamas before I’ve had my coffee.

Kendall’s private dog run

Visiting the San Juan Islands in Washington State

We spent last week on Orcas Island, one of the many islands in the San Juan Islands, Washington. The weather was perfect, and we had a great time exploring Orcas Island and San Juan Island. We stayed very close to Moran State Park and spent some time in the park going to the top of Mt. Constitution and hiking.

The view from the top of Mt. Constitution
Kendall climbed all the way up to the top – in the car.
Another view from the top

Beautiful, isn’t it? That’s why we love to vacation up there. We were also close to Rosario Resort.

Rosario Resort

We also visited Doe Bay Resort to do some geocaching.

Doe Bay Resort

We went whale watching out of Deer Harbor. We didn’t get a chance to see any Orca whales, but we did see Minke whales. We also saw harbor seals, harbor porpoise, and Dall’s porpoise. We came across a number of sea lions on the rocks.

Deer Harbor

While over on San Juan Island doing some geocaching, we stopped at Roche Harbor. This is located on the northwest side of the island and is a popular stopping place for very large yachts.

The hotel at Roche Harbor
The store at Roche Harbor
Steller sea lions off the coast of San Juan Island

If you ever have a chance to get up that way, the San Juan Islands are a great place to spend some time.

Doe, a Deer…

No, it’s not Christmas yet, although the stores seem to think it is. I’m talking about the animals with the big eyes and little tails. We just returned from a week on Orcas Island, one of the islands in the San Juan Islands in Washington state. We were amazed at the number of deer on the island and how friendly they were. With places on the island named Doe Bay and Deer Harbor, we shouldn’t have been surprised.

Visiting Doe Bay

We had a number of deer come by the house where we were staying. The tall grass below the deck seemed to be a popular place to bed down for the night. Kendall was intrigued but didn’t bark at them. She watched them with great interest from the deck above.

One of the visitors
Two youngsters