A New Meaning for Poop Deck

As I mentioned the other day, Kendall hates to get her feet wet. It seems like our back yard is wet from November until next July. You can always tell when the rains have moved in because we start to find things on our deck.

Kendall gives a whole new meaning to the term Poop Deck

At least she didn’t have to get her feet wet. Don’t worry. We clean it up and the rains keep our deck washed.

Poop Happens

We’re loyal users of the biodegradable Poop Bags from PoopBags.com. They’re having a contest where you can win $250 worth of Poop Bags. My friend and co-worker, Jack Randall, wrote an ad for their recent “I wrote an ad for PoopBags.com” contest. Now, they’re in the voting phase to pick the winner. This is where you come in. Click on the image below, and it will take you to the contest page on PoopBags.com

Click on the Vote Now tab and find Jack’s ad titled “The Name Says It All.” You can vote once every 24 hours from now until June 18th. Click Vote Now and you’ll cast your vote for Jack’s ad.

Jack doesn’t have a dog, so we’re hoping that Jack will share the wealth if he wins by sharing some of those Poop Bags with his favorite Cavalier. ; )

Note: We are not affiliated with nor have we received any free stuff from PoopBags.com. It’s just something that we believe in and would like to pass on the good word for a good product.