Flat Kendall visits Princeton University

It’s that time of year again – the time when I’m traveling quite a bit for work. One of my first trips this fall was back east to Princeton, NJ. While I was there, I took Flat Kendall out for a walkabout around the campus.

The gates to Princeton University

I felt a bit conspicuous holding up Flat Kendall to get pictures with so many people around, so I mostly took pictures of the campus. Flat Kendall enjoyed the view from my bag.

One of the cool buildings on the main street through Princeton
Beautiful stone building
I love old buildings with character
Time to catch the train

One cool thing that we did get to see was Einstein’s house. I didn’t stop to take a picture, but we did drive by the home on Mercer St. It’s not a museum, as one would think it would be, but rather a residence.