Flat Kendall visits Balboa Park

On our third day of our trip to San Diego, we opted to visit Balboa Park. It was a gorgeous day, and we didn’t want to waste one moment inside if we could help it. So, we spent the day wandering around the park looking at the gardens and the fountains.
Outside one of the beautiful buildings was a sign for Flat Stanley, the musical! Flat Stanley is the one that started all of the flat travel.

We wandered into the botanical garden pavilion. It was filled with lush green plants and beautiful flowers.



The orchids in the botanical garden were just amazing. I never knew they could grow so big or have so many blossoms.

From there, we wandered over to the organ pavilion where they hold weekly organ concerts on Sunday afternoons at 2 pm. Can you see Kendall on the stage?


We ended the day on the 22nd floor of the Marriott at the Altitude Bar. There was a beautiful view from up there. You could watch the sun set and see for miles in all directions. You can also see right down into Petco Park.


Flat Kendall visits Coronado

On the second day of our trip to San Diego, we rented bikes and explored the waterfront. It was supposed to be a “rainy” day in San Diego, but as you can see, blue skies were everywhere.


This was a huge statue. If you were to stand next to it, your head would only come up to about the bottom of her skirt.



Flat Kendall enjoyed the Bob Hope show. There’s a recording that plays a loop so that you get the feel of being with the troops.

After riding all the way around the waterfront to the airport and back, we boarded the ferry over to Coronado Island.


The Hotel del Coronado is a short bike ride from the ferry terminal. There’s a nice bike path that will take you over there.



This is a beautiful old hotel. The woodwork on the inside is just amazing.


This is the view of downtown San Diego from the ferry terminal on Coronado Island. Renting bikes is a great way to get around. It’s fun to ride up and down the streets in Coronado to look at the variety of architectural styles. There’s quite a mix – from small bungalows to grand houses that mimic the White House.

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Flat Kendall visits San Diego

Flat Kendall and I traveled to San Diego this week to soak in a little sun. It was a nice change from the cold, rainy weather we’ve had in the Pacific Northwest. When I was in San Diego for the BlogHer conference last August I didn’t get a chance to see much. So, this time Flat Kendall and I went the tourist route and saw as much as we could.


We started out with the Old Town trolley tour to get an overview.


We stopped in Little Italy for lunch.


Then, it was off to Old Town.




The trolley tour wasn’t as good as ones I’ve taken in other cities, but it gave me an idea of where I wanted to visit on the other days I was there. The weather was cool but sunny, perfect for us NW girls.

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