A New Snood

Kendall's new snood

A package arrived last week from our blogging friend at Embee Cavaliers. Mary Beth held a giveaway on her blog for one of her wonderful snoods and a folder with pictures of some beautiful Cavaliers on it. I used the folder for Kendall’s AKC Therapy Dog paperwork. How fitting is that?

Kendall’s new snood is a beautiful emerald green color. It fits over her head and holds her ears up out of the bowl. The ears on Cavaliers are beautiful but keeping them out of messy food bowls is tough. The snood makes it easy. Kendall wasn’t too sure about this new snood.

She's not so sure about this.

I’d never heard of the term snood until we got Kendall. After some research on the internet I see that it’s also the term used to describe the hair nets often used by Jewish Orthodox women. Who knew?

If looks could kill.

Her first experience with the snood didn’t last too long. She was sure that I put it on just to make her look funny and take pictures.

Must get this off.

She worked very hard to take it off. I’ll have to make sure I have a big bowl of messy food ready for the next time we put it on.

I can't believe you put this on me!

Thanks, Mary Beth, for sending our folder and snood. Be sure to check out her blog. She has four beautiful Cavaliers: a Blenheim, a ruby, a tri-color and a black and tan. They’re gorgeous. Her blog is full of great pictures and information on responsible breeding.