Flat Kendall visits Bonneville Hot Springs Spa and Resort

I was feeling like a day at the spa a couple of weeks ago and decided to drive out to Bonneville, WA to use the gift certificate I got from my husband for my birthday. I took along a friend and Flat Kendall. While Flat Kendall didn’t get to soak in the hot springs, she did get to check out the resort.

A beautiful Christmas tree
A beautiful Christmas tree
The grand fire place
The grand fire place
Flat Kendall visits Bonneville Hot Springs
Flat Kendall visits Bonneville Hot Springs

I took the photos with my cell phone, so I apologize that they’re not up to the usual quality.


Flat Kendall goes to Camelback Mountain

While in Scottsdale, AZ last week, I took a vacation day and went to the JW Marriott Camelback Inn Resort and Spa. The grounds were beautiful.

Looking toward the guest rooms
Looking toward the main building and the lounging area.
The cactus were huge.
On the way to the parking lot

Notice that there are no pictures so far of Flat Kendall. That’s because I wasn’t staying at the resort, and I wanted to look inconspicuous.

I drove up to where the spa area is at the resort and found an area they’ve set up as an old wild west town for barbecues. There was no one around, so Flat Kendall came out for some pictures.

Flat Kendall visits Mummy Mountain
Hanging out in the wild west town.

Notice the huge houses built into the side of the mountain. There were some big houses!

The spa
Many of the cacti were in bloom