Tackle It Tuesday – A Teardrop Trailer Newsletter

Call me crazy, but I’m the editor of a newsletter for the Teardroppers of Oregon and Washington (TOW), among all of the other things I do.

The newsletter comes out four times a year and includes information on upcoming campouts, potlucks, and recaps of prior events. It’s distributed through email and gets posted on the Teardrop Trailer web site.We used to own a cute, little teardrop trailer but sold it a few years ago when we got Kendall. Somehow sleeping in a 4 ft x 8 ft trailer seemed a little too small when you add in two people and a 2o-something pound dog.

The July issue was due out by the end of Sunday, July 31st, so guess when I started working on it. That’s right, Sunday afternoon. I’d procrastinated so long I had to take time out of the first weekend I’ve been home in weeks to get it done. We put some meat in the smoker (more to come on that later this week), and I set off to get the newsletter finished. It took most of the day to get it finished, but I did get it sent off by the end of the evening. If you ‘d like to see it, you can view the pdf here. It’s the Summer 2011 issue. There’s a typo. Isn’t there always? See if you can find it. So, I did it. I finished something for Tackle It Tuesday.

What did you tackle this week?